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What would an Anime or Manga be like as a novel? I asked this question a lot and wanted to know why there weren’t any novels like that on bookstore shelves or even online, at least in North America.

It was only in late February of 2012 on a trip to Asia that included Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines that I hit upon the idea to write this book. Specifically, I was in a bookstore in Hong Kong complaining to my wife about the fact that there were not enough Fantasy and Science Fiction novels in the US  that featured Asian components in them.

With the advent of Anime, that has radically changed in the comic book and cartoon industry, extending even, to the fact that many people now watch Japanese and Korean TV shows and movies. However, that trend has not yet made it into formal literature, though we are seeing signs of it little-by-little.

Kuro is an experiment, an attempt to prove that there is an audience for the Anime Novel. Anime Light Novels abound in Japan and they enjoy much success. Several of the novels have been turned into actual Manga or Anime.

Kuro contains many of the aspects that make anime great: fast, frenetic action, large-scale battles, and striking visual imagery. It pulls inspiration from myths of Asian cultures — Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and Korean to name a few.

Not convinced? Feel free to browse around and read the samples. They will give you a feel for what to expect in the book. And if you happen to like what you see, please consider purchasing a copy and supporting the initiative. Maybe it will inspire more authors to come out of the woodwork.

Thanks for looking!

Miko Limjoco

4 thoughts on “About Kuro

  1. Hello, my name is Andrew Beams and I am a reviewer and writer for the website AizenGamer. I recently became aware of Kuro, and am quite interested in the idea of an original English light novel. I was wondering if you would be interested in providing a copy of Kuro for me to review on my site.

    Thank you,
    Andrew Beams

  2. I just finished reading your book on wattpad.
    Just wondering if you have been thinking about seeking contact with some Anime producers. I believe it would turn into a great show.

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on here! I have been thinking about it, but I also know that most Japanese Anime Studios aren’t too keen on ideas from outsiders like myself. It would be great if a number of people told them about Kuro all at the same time though, so maybe if we all make our voices heard, maybe via petition, it might do something!

      As of now, it’s only a dream, but I hope it comes true someday! 😀


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